It’s no secret that the drink selection often makes or breaks an event. The most enjoyable ones have bartenders serving excellent fare with a good attitude. If you’re on the hunt for a good crew, West Palm Beach event staffing has you covered. Check out five benefits of Elite Event Staffing to decide if it’s right for you.

1. Trained Specialists

The people who attend your event need their drinks fast. Whether it’s for a music festival or sports game, the bartenders that are sent to you are certified experts by the Commission for Independent Education from the Florida Department of Education under Chapter 1005, Florida Statues and 6E. They prepare drinks for your guests in a flash and with a smile.

2. Affordability

The costs that go into planning an event can be steep. You can quickly surpass your budget if you’re not careful. Fortunately, Elite Event Staffing has no excessive staffing fees. Whether you need ten or one hundred bartenders, the cost is often considered one of the most affordable among West Palm Beach event staffing companies.

3. Nationwide Service

Although based in Florida, the crew is available to attend any event across the nation. Hard work earned them a great reputation across one the biggest party hubs, and they’re ready to spread the cheer.

4. Fun Perks

Get the biggest bang for your buck by hiring bartenders that can truly wow your guests. Flair bartenders can make your guests feel that they’re at a fire show. Be amazed at the gigantic red flames emanating from the mouths of the bartenders as they simultaneously show off their extensive drink knowledge.

5. Rental Bars

You might have a corporate meeting room or wedding hall rented, but you still have to decorate it. You can rent a mobile bar equipped with all the necessary trappings such as glassware, coolers, straws and napkins.

To make your event something that everyone will talk about long after it ends, you need bartenders who know what they’re doing. West Palm Beach event staffing can heighten any occasion to create good memories. Contact us today for more information and a free phone consultation at (239) 333-0077 OR fill out our online contact form.